We Dig Good Dirt!

Registration for 2016 CSA shares is happening now!

Who we are:

Loess Hills collaborative CSA is made up of two farms -- Old Tree Farm & Botna Burrow located in Carson and Hancock, Iowa who collaborate to provide produce to shareholders in our community and the Omaha, NE / Council Bluffs, IA area.

What we offer:

Loess Hills cCSA offers shares of produce that supply enough produce to feed between two to four vegetable-eating adults.  Shares are picked up every Monday for 18 weeks beginning June 6th and ending October 3rd.

Growing methods:

All of the farmers that contribute produce to Loess Hills cCSA are committed to growing healthy food that nourishes both those who eat it and the land on which it's grown.  Botna Burrow produce is currently Certified Naturally Grown while Old Tree Farm is either Certified Organic or transitioning to organic.

2016 Pick-up locations:


201 Sherwood Dr. Treynor, IA

3:45 - 7:00 PM

St. Matthew Evangelical Lutheran Church

1725 S. 60th St. Omaha, NE

5:00 - 6:00 PM

Omaha Whole Living

521 N. 33rd St. Omaha, NE

5:30 - 6:30 PM

Iowa Western Community College 
Student Center Parking Lot

Council Bluffs, IA

5:00 - 6:30 PM

Botna Burrow

206 E. Denton St. Hancock, IA

All Day Tuesday

Loess Hills cCSA




Cooking Classes:

Loess Hills cCSA partners with Iowa Western Community College to provide six
cooking classes.  Classes will be held every other Monday from 5:15 to 6:15. Recipes and instruction will demonstrate new and inventive ways to prepare vegetables provided in the shares with taste testing at the end of each class. Video recordings of each cooking class are posted to our website.  New in 2016, we will be offering at least one class in Omaha so all members have access to cooking class opportunities.

CSA Community Work Day / Farm Visit:

New in 2016, shareholders will have the opportunity to visit the farms in a new way by participating in one of four community work days.  the community work days will be held one Sunday a month in the afternoon.  There will be work opportunities for a couple hours ranging from harvesting crops for CSA on Monday, washing produce, weeding, and planting.  After the work, we will kick back and have a potluck.  Our intention is to foster an environment where community can happen with and between CSA shareholders.

Donation Share:

A priority for us as farmers is that as many people as possible have access to healthy, local food.  New in 2016, we will be offering the opportunity for shareholders to contribute to a donation share.  The donation will cover the share cost for a family lacking the means to afford it otherwise. To show our commitment to this effort, Loess Hills cCSA will match all donations up to $400.  

Shares are limited so please contact us soon to make sure shares are still available!


The share cost of $395 per share can be paid in full by cash or check when sending in the order form, or half can be paid with the remainder due by May 1st.  A delivery fee of $25 is added for Omaha pick-ups.

Shareholders also have the option of paying for shares online via credit card below, with PayPal processing fees included.

* Please be sure to use an accurate email address when you purchase using a credit card so we can contact you and get more details. 


(Note:  If you'd like to avoid paying PayPal fees, we recommend sending a check and an order form via mail instead.)

Given that the costs of seeds, fertilizers, and labor are paid for well in advance of harvest, we are regrettably unable to offer refunds.  We appreciate your understanding and support for local farms.

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